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What we do

PharmSouth designs and manufactures Suture processing machinery. We support some of the world’s largest Suture manufacturers delivering engineering innovation that reduces cost and improves quality.


State of the art suture processing equipment

For over 30 years, we have developed and created designs for patents for almost every type of Suture processing machine.

We’ve designed, patented and manufactured Suture processing automation machinery that has produced, tested and packaged billions of sutures around the world.

Today our expert Suture team concentrates on core Suture production from braided sutures on reels through to packing the inner and outer envelope using our SITO process.

State of the art suture machinery design

We have a deep knowledge of the highly regulated Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sector and are committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies that give our customers a competitive edge while protecting their confidentiality.

Our Suture design team is amongst the best in the world at finding ways of innovating and automating Suture processing and manufacture.



Our team of experienced and talented engineers work closely with our customers to provide complete automation assistance.

From consultation through conceptualisation, clean-sheet design or modifications of existing systems, to assembly, factory acceptance testing, installation and training.

With superior machine design, controls design, and project management, our repeat customer rate is over 95%.

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Key Questions

What type of Suture machinery are you looking for?

Do you have a sense of how many sutures you’re looking to produce per annum?

What range of suture materials from gut to PGAs?

Will needles and suture material be ‘bought in’?

Do you already have suitable packing machines?

Do you require mainly manual-operated machines to suit low-cost labour or more mechanised?

Do you have an existing building to utilise and if so a drawing and the location?

Do you have a suitable ETO steriliser and vacuum dryer or any other suitable existing equipment?

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Workshop phone – 01329 845656
UNIT 10A, The Tanneries,
East Street, Titchfield,
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